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International Exotics is here to provide exotic automobile rentals to Orlando and the surrounding area for people who won't settle, for those with great taste, and for those who want to savor every moment. As a market pioneer, we provide a rental automobile experience that is genuinely unique.

We offer top-notch customer service, complementary delivery of vehicles, and access to the biggest selection of premium and exotic cars available for hire in the country. Additionally, we provide special services for weddings and other special occasions.

We go beyond what is conventional for automobile rental firms. The excitement and inspiration that exotic automobiles evoke are the foundation of the International Exotics brand. Whether you live in Orlando or are just visiting, our selection of high-end and exotic cars will pique your interest and provide you a genuine driving experience. When you are prepared to reserve your exotic automobile rental, please complete the form below, and a sales representative will get in touch with you soon.


Orlando is a lively, exciting city. There are a staggering variety of theme parks and attractions available here. All of the visitors who travel from Orlando and Miami are typically only bothered by the lengthy drive. As a result, we promise you a memorable journey in one of our luxury sedans or one of our exotic cars. You can rent a private jet to transport you to the MIA airport if you'd want something more exciting than a car. There are several possibilities available at International Exotics. We promise to provide the best service to meet your arbitrary demands.

Orlando is a wonderful destination. Here, the climate is consistently warm and there are more sunny days per year than most other places on earth. To provide you the best experience possible, International Exotics offers a range of services. We can assist you in planning your trip if you're going to Orlando. Just let us know what you're looking for, and we'll do the rest.

You may visit dozens of theme parks in Orlando. The most well-known ones are Orlando Disney World and Orlando Universal Studios, but there are a ton of others that you'll find interesting. All theme parks are fantastic for both adults and kids. You will experience the delight and magic of these enchanted locations. You can take the lead in your own narrative here.

International Exotics will make sure you don't get lost in the maze of theme parks while the magic of the city is taking your breath away, and our chauffeurs will bring you back to your hotel with ease. For more information about our vehicles and services, get in touch with International Exotics exotic car rental. With our autos, we always go the additional mile.

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